Silk Rain Media is a film/video company founded in Los Angeles, California that specializes in international documentary, commercial film, music and multimedia production. Silk Rain Media has provided production and post-production services for film and video productions and currently has the following titles for distribution consideration.


Kingdom of Women : A Reflection of a Matriarchal Society on Lugu Lake
Documentary 60 minutes (English) in post production


Touch of Tao : The Mystery of Wudang
Documentary 60 minutes (English)


The Mission
Documentary 60 minutes (English)


The Lost Roman Legion
Documentary 60 minutes (English)


Sunny Days
Educational TV Program 30 minutes for each episode (Bi-Lingual)

Short Films

Coming To America
Corperation documentary 8 minutes (English)

With the many in-house production talents, Silk Rain Media is setting a goal of producing ever better film and video and promoting international communities.

Our Goals


To document historical, anthropological, cultural and educational phenomena and promote cultural and educational exchange.


Conduct research regarding human activities related to ancient and modern civilizations.
Record global cultural activities conducted by peoples of Chinese descent Provide assistance in research related to historical studies of Chinese civilization.
Provide educational film and material in remote areas.

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