The Lost Roman Legion

Documentary Feature Film
Run Time 60 Minutes

Presents by Silkrain Media
Produced by A China Information Media Networking Company - China Infonet


54 B. C. The Roman Empire dispatched an army against the Pathia (near modern day Syria). Under the leadership of one of the Roman tribunal generals, Grassus, seven Roman legions crossed the Euphrates in apparent victory. However, in May 53 B. C., the Roman became entrapped deep in enemy territory. Only 6000 soldiers of the Roman Premier Legion were able to charge against the enemy and headed East; the other 6 legions were either killed or captured.

33 years later, the Roman Empire struck a peace pack with the Pathia and reclaimed all captured Roman soldiers. Upon arrival in Rome, they found that no one from the premiere legion had returned, and that no one knew where they had gone. What happened to the 6000 soldiers? Where did they go? As time goes by, traces of the Premier Legion dissipated, and finally, vanished.

Recent archeological digs in China have turned up evidence that may solve the mystery of the Premier Legion. Our television production crew will take you deep into the desert of China and make an effort in discovering the latest data and disclose expert interpretation.

Executive Producer
Cynthia Wu
William Chang

Directed and Written by
Roger J. Zou

Benson Ng


George Eckhart


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